Kodokai Watford – Renshi Kevin Leigh – 6th Dan (*source: www.skkifwatford.co.uk)

Renshi Kevin Leighs Karate history is long and varied spanning many years.  He started training with ASKA in 1977 and  whilst there he achieved 2nd Kyu under the tuition of Sensei Malcolm Phipps and graded by Sensei Blante 4th Dan. Kevin joined the Jin Sei Kai organisation in 1981 whist it was a part of SKI and graded to 1st Dan in 1982 under Soke Hirokazu Kanazawa.  Jin Sei Kai left SKI in 1982 and he continued training under the direction of Sensei Paul Perry 8th dan.  He achieved 2nd Dan in 1985, 3rd Dan in 1991 and 4th Dan in 1997. After re-joining his club to SKKIF in 2002 Soke Kanazawa regraded Kevin his 4th dan in 2003 and awarded him 5th dan in Lillishall in 2005. In 2009 he captained the SKKIF UK squad at the SKIF World championships in Athens, gaining 4th place in senior individual kata and second place in team senior kata. Renshi Leigh received his 6th dan from Soke at the Watford dojo in November 2011 and was subsequently elected vice Chairman of SKKIF in December 2012. Kevin was made Renshi by the SKIF organisation, Tokyo in September 2016. 
From 2006 Renshi has run an annual Kodokai course in the Czech Republic, this introduction to SKIF Karate led to the creation of SKIF Czech Republic and now there are SKIF clubs throughout Czech. Renshi enjoys swimming, skiing, guitar (lead guitar & semi notoriety in the early 80’s with pop/punk band ‘Anorexia’), cycling, photography and squash.